Taittinger Brut NV Champagne 75CL In Gift Box, Ice Bucket & Stopper

TAITTINGER BRUT NV CHAMPAGNE 75CL. IN GIFT BOX, ICE BUCKET AND STOPPER Taittinger Brut Réserve is a blend of Chardonnay (40%), Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (60%) wines from over 35 different vineyards and vintages matured to perfection. This high proportion of Chardonnay, unique among fine nonvintage champagnes, and a minimum ageing of three years in the cellars, where it reaches the peak of aromatic maturity, makes Taittinger Brut Réserve a delicately balanced champagne, known for its consistently excellent quality all over the world. Accompanied Taittinger branded Ice bucket & Stopper.